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Steven T. Greenblat, Esq.
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Law Offices of Steven T. Greenblat

Providing quality legal services to indiviuals and families throughout the state of Maryland since 1991


My goal is to make the Divorce process easier, less stressful, and more civilized. I will explain the Divorce process and the applicable law with the client and discuss how both apply to the client's particular circumstances. It is my preference to achieve a fair and equitable outcome through negotiation and the crafting of a voluntary separation agreement rather than having the issues determined by the Court. This approach can save thousands of dollars in legal fees. Unfortunately, there are times when the parties' positions are so far apart that the only way to resolve the dispute is to go to trial and let a judge decide the outcome. This approach is usually more costly, and often yields less satisfying results to one or both of the parties.


I gladly offer non-binding, mediation services to couples who want to attempt to resolve the issues of separation and divorce without the need for litigation. Mediation allows both parties to come before a neutral attorney who will explain the law, how it applies to the couple's particular situation, and what the probable outcome would be if there were to be a trial. The mediation process allows the parties to maintain some control over the outcome and is successful about fifty percent of the time.


In addition to my family law practice, I have extensive experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, administrative hearings, contract claims, real estate transactions, negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, administering decedent's estates, decedent law (download brochure about this) and business litigation. My practice also includes negotiations, jury and bench trials, appellate brief research, writing and oral argument before the Court of Special Appeals for the State of Maryland.

For more information, e-mail me at: stg_legal@msn.com